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Saturday 24 August 2013

Research Associates for the Regional Collaboration Centre - East African Development Bank

Regional Collaboration Centre (RCC)- East African Development Bank

Job title: Research Associates
Country: Uganda
City / Location: Kampala
Required languages: German
Minimum degree: Bachelors degree
Closing date: November 30, 2012 - 5pm
(a) Assist in conducting desk review of relevant publications and databases (UNFCCC, UNEP Risoe, IGES, DNA pipelines, etc.) to establish CDM project pipeline (potential and undergoing processing at different stages of the CDM project cycle, i.e., validation, registration, verification, issuance of CERs, post-registration changes and renewal of crediting period) for each of the RCC Kampala-supported countries, including relevant factors (institutional, economic, technical) that may influence project development and/or implementation;
(b) Assist in the establishment and maintenance of database on the CDM situation and opportunities for each of the countries covered by RCC Kampala including
Existing and potential CDM projects and PoAs;
Current initiatives to develop standardized baselines and potential countries/ sectors for further development of standardized baselines; and
Reports/studies from third party sources on CDM situation and potential in key sectors in the region or countries covered;
(c) Assist in the preparation of reports on CDM opportunities in the RCC Kampala for the Steering Committee and other audiences, as appropriate;
(d) Assist in gathering and compilation of relevant national/regional/international policies and funding programs relevant to CDM project development and implementation;
(e) Participate, as appropriate, in visits to project sites, meetings with project developers, DNAs, development agencies and other relevant stakeholders to assist in gathering first-hand information on project-related issues and opportunities;
(f) Assist in disseminating opportunities for developing CDM projects, PoAs and standardized baselines;
(g) Assist in the design, planning and execution of outreach and capacity building activities, including focused workshops related to projects supported by the RCC, and awareness building activities to disseminate how CDM projects (e.g., distribution of improved cook stoves and CFLs) help to improve health, gender equality/women empowerment;
(h) Assist in the preparation of presentations and papers for workshops and missions;
(i) Perform other related duties and back-up functions when required;
IV. Qualifications and competence criteria
Educational background: First level university degree in economics, social sciences, environmental studies, natural sciences, engineering, development studies, or a related discipline. A post-graduate degree will be an advantage
Experience: At least two (2) years relevant professional working experience in compiling, analyzing and updating information and/or content of information systems, databases or webpages is required.
Specific professional knowledge: Knowledge and experience on CDM, climate change mitigation issues, sustainable development, economics, or social issues is desired. Knowledge of information exchange and interaction with various stakeholders including governments, international organizations, research institutions, private sector and NGOs is also an important asset.
Language requirements: Fluency (oral and written) in English is required. Knowledge of a commonly spoken African language (e.g., Swahili) is desirable.
III. Terms of engagement
The RAs shall be hired on contractual basis by the EADB. Contracts will be for a period of 12 months, which may be renewed by the EADB.
The RAs shall operate under the guidance of the RCC Team Lead and Technical Officers, and in line with the above description of their duties and responsibilities, the EADB Human Resources policies and terms and conditions for employment, and any additional guidance that may be provided by the RCC and Steering Committee.