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Thursday 21 November 2013

Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator - Restless Development Uganda

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator
Organisation: Restless Development Uganda
Duty Station: Jinja, Uganda
Salary: UGX 31,800,185 annual gross pay

About Us:
Restless Development is taking up the position of global banner carrier for youth-led development; demonstrating at the grassroots and policy levels that young people can and must play a lead role in development. Over the past five years Restless Development has more than tripled the size of its budgets and programmes, and has been repeatedly cited as a model of best practice in youth-led development by the World Bank, DFID, UNICEF and others. For more information on Restless Development please visit: www.restlessdevelopment.org.

Job Summary: In line with this growth, and drawing on over 15 years of experience supporting youth-led development, Restless Development Uganda is preparing to embark on the second phase of its ambitious, five year national strategy. To support this exciting agenda we are seeking a talented and committed individual to support the Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator to ensure the efficient monitoring, reporting and evaluation of all programmes. The Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator will lead in the design and implementation of the reporting framework and monitoring systems ensuring that all internal and donor commitments are met.

Key Duties

·         Develop appropriate M&E systems, indicators and tools for decision making within Restless Development Uganda

·         Oversee of implementation of M&E systems and tools across Restless Development

·         Disseminate monitoring and evaluation data and reports internally and externally

·         Line manage unit staff and build the capacity of staff and peer educators in M&E
Financial Planning & Management

·         Develop appropriate M&E systems, indicators and tools for decision making within Restless Development Uganda

Regional Operations Manager - World Vision Uganda

Job Title:      Regional Operations Manager
Organisation: World Vision Uganda
Reports to:     Integrated Programmes Director
Duty Station:          Karamoja,
Country Uganda

About WVU:
World Vision Uganda is a Christian Relief, Development and Advocacy Non-Government Organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 40 districts in Uganda. World Vision is committed to the protection of children and we will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible. “Our Vision for every child, Life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every Heart, the will to make it so.”

Job Summary: The Regional Operations Manager will provide overall leadership, support and management of WV Uganda integrated ministry programmes and operations in Karamoja Region in a manner that meets set standards and facilitates the wellbeing of children, households and communities.

1. Leadership and Coordination:
Lead and coordinate integration of programs and operations from different funding steams.
Provide guidance on integration of advocacy and disaster risk reduction in field level development programmes and programme/ project designs and implementation strategies.
Dissemination and support implementation of Partnership and NO strategies, guidelines, initiatives and policies in the region.
Steer the implementation of management decisions/recommendations in the region and programmes/ projects in order to met quality standards, and promote alignment with strategies and standards.
Develop regional human resource development plan, and manage staff development/ growth in order to build a cadre of high performing staff and regional teams.
Support rolling out of partnership and national level initiatives and adaptation of policies/guidelines.
2. Operations Planning and Management:
Provide overall guidance and support to the region and programmes in development of regional Annual Operating Plan, and programme and project designs, annual plans and budgets.
Monitor and guide regional programmes and projects in the implementation of designs and plans, DME processes and budgets.

Head of Technology Risk Assurance and Governance - Barclays Bank in Uganda

Job Title: Head of Technology Risk Assurance and Governance - 00134524
Organisation: Barclays Bank
Duty Station:  Kampala,
Country Uganda
Reports to: Head of Retail Underwriting

About Barclays Africa:
Barclays Africa encompasses Barclays Global Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, and Barclaycard operations in 10 countries organised in four geographic areas: North Africa (Egypt), East and West Africa (Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya),  Southern Africa (Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe), and Indian Ocean (Mauritius and Seychelles).

Job Summary: The Head of Technology Risk Assurance and Governance will be a member of the GRB Information Security and Technical Quality Risk team responsible for implementing the information security programme and providing quality risk management and assurance within Uganda technology.

Key Duties
1. Risk and Controls Management:
Mange the Technology Risk Landscape, by ensuring required Risk Control assessments are completed and Effective controls are being tested for effectiveness on a regular basis and ineffective controls are tracked for closure.
Implement effective security controls into the environment following a risk based approach.
In put into the development of the Global IT  Risk methodology which will then be implemented into BBU
Ensure all key stakeholders understand and buy in to the IT Risk Controls Framework .
Ensure technical security solutions are designed and included into key developments
Ensure that security risks in applications and systems are understood and mitigating controls are in place.
Providing technical risk assessment data for local business owners to translate into business risk terms, and on which to base business risk decisions

People & Culture Specialist - World Vision Uganda

Job Title:      People & Culture Specialist (Recruitment & International Staffing)
Organisation: World Vision Uganda
Reports to:              People & Culture Director
Duty Station:          Kampala,
Country Uganda

About WVU:
World Vision Uganda is a Christian Relief, Development and Advocacy Non-Government Organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 40 districts in Uganda. World Vision is committed to the protection of children and we will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible. “Our Vision for every child, Life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every Heart, the will to make it so.”

Job Summary: The People & Culture Specialist (Recruitment & International Staffing) will manage overall staff acquisition by providing end-to-end process support to hiring managers and P&C staff, to fill vacancies/ strategically support organizational recruitments and selection processes in a timely manner.

Key Duties
1. Workforce Planning & Needs Assessment:
Develop, build and maintain relationships with managers and People & Culture (P&C) officers in the respective hiring Regional offices/ National Office in order to fill vacancies in a timely manner.
Support hiring managers in assessing internal vacancy requirements/recruiting needs and developing recruitment strategies and plans.
Work with hiring managers to develop job descriptions and announcements, post advertisements in a variety of newspapers, HR networks, etc. including internationally focused sources
 Review and up-date the recruitment policy
Workforce planning and development
Maintain up-dated information knowledge of constantly changing environment in the Uganda marketplace relative to the sourcing and recruitment of qualified professionals.

MDR TB Coordinator - Ministry of Health in Uganda

Job Title:      MDR TB Coordinator
Organisation: Ministry of Health
Duty Station:          Kampala,
Country Uganda
Reports to:              Program Manager-NTLP

About WVU:
The Emergence of Drug Resistant TB (DR-TB) in Uganda is of critical concern. In this regard, the Ministry of Health - NTLP established a Drug Resistant TB Management Program in July 2012. The program set up a DR-TB Coordination office to oversee overall roll out and
expansion of the programmatic management of drug resistant TB (PMDT) country wide.

Key Duties
To Coordinate dissemination of MDR- TB, TB guidelines, SOPS and protocols
Support Maintain an updated DR -TB Master register at NTLP
Ensure a coordinated initiation of all newly diagnosed DR TB patients on treatment by treatment sites.
Ensure DR TB cohort reviews are performed
Liaise with the NTRL to ensure routine MDR -TB surveillance through TB specimen referral system (TSRS), sputum and culture and DST, follow up tests are done and results documented and relayed to treatment sites
To participate in the revision of drug resistant TB guidelines, SOPs, planning and strategies and update of training materials.
To ensure that Drug resistant TB variables are fully integrated in TB data collection tools and M & E system.
To ensure dissemination MDR- TB rollout strategy

YPI East Africa Coordinator - Young Peacebuilders Initiative

Job Title: YPI East Africa Coordinator
Organization: Young Peacebuilders Initiative (YPI)
Duty Station:  Kampala,
Country Uganda. May consider Kigali, Rwanda
Pay Arrangement:                 Competitive local rate based on experience and skills
Reports to:              YPI Director based in Kampala, Uganda

About YPI:
YPI develops collective impact initiatives nurturing peacebuilding passion and skill in large numbers of children/youth in contexts impacted by or at high risk of armed conflict and having very large child/youth populations. These partnerships also research the peacebuilding impact of their efforts. In this way YPI helps prevent and end cycles of violence. YPI began operation in 2012 and now has partnerships operating in Rwanda and Burundi.

Job Objectives:
The YPI East Africa Coordinator will achieve the following objectives, and take on the following responsibilities, with support and guidance from the YPI Director.
Manage, strengthen, expand and build sustainability into YPI partnerships in Rwanda and Burundi.
Launch a YPI partnership in at least one new East African context within 24 months.
Focusing on building local YPI capacity, grow sustainable funding for expanding YPI Africa.

Key Duties
Maintain regular written and oral reporting to YPI Director on key issues.
 Explore New Contexts for YPI Partnerships:
Discover who is doing what, where and with whom, related to engaging young peacebuilders.
Identify key stakeholders from different sectors of society who believe in the YPI vision and will become champions to help make it a reality. Include NGO, FBO, CBO, religious, government and education leaders, and leaders at federal, state, and local levels.
Able to communicate with a respected university about the need to develop a YPI Research Institute that will support YPI research and measure YPI success.
Support the Formation of New YPI Partnerships:
Identify a small group of leaders who will gather a broader group of cross sector stakeholders and walk them through a YPI formation process.


"As you grow older, you'll find the only things you regret are the things you didn't do." - Zachary Scott

Deputy National Director - World Vision Uganda

Job Title:      Deputy National Director
Organisation: World Vision Uganda
Reports to:  National Director
Duty Station: Kampala,
Country  Uganda

About WVU:
World Vision Uganda is a Christian Relief, Development and Advocacy Non-Government Organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in over 40 districts in Uganda. World Vision is committed to the protection of children and we will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with children. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible. “Our Vision for every child, Life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every Heart, the will to make it so.”

Job Summary: The Deputy National Director will provide executive leadership and coordination of the organizational strategic planning process while leading in the assurance of programmatic quality, excellence in execution, business development, and support services functions of the organization in order to manage risk and compliance while attracting and securing funding to maintain continuity for the organization.

Key Duties
1. Leadership / Management:
Lead the strategy development process for the office with clear, measurable short-term and long-term targets;
Ensure that Ministry strategies are aligned with Regional, Partnership strategic priorities and the country specific strategic guidelines / priorities;
Coordinate the quality assurance meetings for the Senior Management Team and the Expanded Management Team and ensure agreed action plans are implemented.
Provide leadership, coordination and evaluation of the organization’s strategic initiatives and special projects – particularly those requiring cross-functional teams whose participants are members of the Senior Management Team.

Principal Network Administrator - National Water and Sewerage Corporation

Job Title: Principal Network Administrator
Organisation: National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC)
Duty Station: Kampala,
Country  Uganda

About NWSC:
National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) a leading organisation in the Water sector in Uganda with a Vision “To be a leading Water Utility in the World.” NWSC is a utility parastatal 100% owned by The Government of Uganda. It was established in 1972 under decree No: 34. The mandate of the Corporation as defined in the National Water & Sewerage Corporation Statute of 1995, Section 5 (1), is to operate and provide water and sewerage services in areas entrusted to it, on a sound, commercial and viable basis. The NWSC operations were initially in three towns of Kampala, Jinja, and Entebbe.

Job Summary: The Principal Network Administrator's role is to plan and coordinate the design, installation, and connectivity of computer and network systems to ensure the stable operation of the Corporation's IT assets.

Key Duties &
Collaborate with technical services team members to assess near and long term network capacity needs and design and implement strategic plans to make certain network capacity meets existing and future requirements.
Create and maintain documentation as it relates to network configuration, network mapping, processes, and service records.
Develop, implement, and maintain policies, procedures, and associated training plans for network administration, usage, and disaster recovery.
Develop and deploy methodologies for testing network performance and providing network performance statistics and reports.
Practice network asset management, including maintenance of network component inventory and related documentation.
Conduct testing and development of disaster recovery plans to detect faults, minimize malfunctions and back up systems as it relates to network functionality.
Design and support VoIP infrastructure and its associated software, including IP-PBXs, call management systems, voicemail, and interactive voice response.
Select, deploy, and utilize appropriate tools for reporting and routing of IP telephony traffic on the network.
Document the WAN's architecture, design, and layout, including protocols and standards used, as well as configuration.
Budget, coordinate and supervise the procurement of Information technology systems in line with the current trends and technology of the IT systems.
Design and deploy the Corporation’s LANs, WANs, WLANs and VPNs
Conduct research on network products, services, protocols, and standards to remain abreast of developments in the networking industry in support of network procurement and development efforts.
Oversee new and existing equipment, hardware, and software upgrades relating to network or telephony equipment.

Centre Manager - Marie Stopes Uganda

Job Title:  Centre Manager (2 Vacancies)
Organisation: Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU)
Duty Station: Tororo, Fortportal,
Country Uganda
Reports to: Centre Manager

About MSU:
Marie Stopes Uganda (MSU) is a marketing-focused, results-oriented social business that uses modem management and marketing techniques to provide family planning and reproductive healthcare across every district of Uganda. We aim to contribute 15 points to Uganda’s contraceptive prevalence rate by 2015 saving and improving many thousands of Ugandan lives. MSU has 25% of the market share in modem contraceptives and, In 2010/2011, safely delivered 50,000 babies and contributed 4 points to Uganda’s contraceptive prevalence rate. MSU has enjoyed 20% year on year growth since 2007 MSU is part of a global network, Marie Stopes International (MSI), and subscribes to MSI goal and mission, to prevent unwanted births and to ensure individual’s rights to Children by Choice not Chance.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Managing the Centre sustainably as a social enterprise:
Ensure that all the activities relating to the Centre are well managed in accordance with the Standard Operating Procedures, Business Model, contractual targets and budgets.
Ensure that the centre staff gets engrained in the business mindset and are able to demonstrate it.
Inspire and transform the Centre activities into sustainable ventures by ensuring that the centre team has all the required facilitation (supplies, Transport, Communication, training, compliance documents, right data collection tools, etc.) relating to their duties.
2. Deliver affordable on-goal (family planning related services) in a sustainable manner:
Work with the regional manager to ensure the Centre indicators are well drafted, disseminated and reviewed.
Put clear, high quality plans that will lead to increased client flow and service income in comparison to the set targets.
Manage corporate and insurance clients in an organic and sustainable manager.
Proactively advice and mentor Centre staff in business management, results orientation, compliance to set processes & procedures, critically assess and take on new opportunities.
Regularly track Centre performance and make necessary adjustments in time.
Hold regular review meetings with centre staff and other relevant staff.
Participate in quarterly review meetings to ensure that progress against targets of the Centre is achieved.
3. Clinical Standards and Client Care:
Work with Medical Development Team to ensure that set clinical standards/protocols are understood, disseminated and upheld by your Centre team.
Ensure high quality service  standards are maintained and high level of client satisfaction is achieved
Work with Regional Manager to ensure regular and effective supervision by both Operations and MDT teams to check adherence to set protocols.
Ensure that the clients remain at the centre of everything we do and that clients are always properly counselled on their rights, treatment methods and choices, with appropriate referral whenever suitable.
Ensure that your Centre Team maintains an effective referral system for the treatment of clinical complications, including the dissemination of MSU's hotline services to prospective clients.
Work with MDT to ensure that your Centre team members are properly oriented, trained and that the necessary clinical skills of the team members are apt, in accordance to MSI, MDT clinical guidelines and procedures.
4. Centre Teams Leadership and Development:
Provide the leadership and guidance to all team members to enhance their individual and team productivity.
Directly manage and supervise the performance of all your staff at the Centre.
Build a team of motivated, innovative, and productive team members.
Motivating, coaching, training and continuously setting and reviewing KPIs for all Centre team members.
In collaboration with the Regional Manager and Human Resources Department, participate in the recruitment, performance monitoring, team motivation, and support of personal development of Centre team members.
5. Working Systems:
Ensure high standards of operational efficiency and effectiveness with clear, transparent systems in place.
Manage the Centre teams ensuring they follow strict, consistent and documented procedures relating to clients, working hours, income and expenditure, and the management of stock, equipment and assets.
Collaborate with the Procurement & Logistics Manager in consultation with the Regional Manager to ensure that an effective system for the supply of commodities and avoidance of stock-outs to Centres is in place.
Ensure effective systems for the timely and accurate management and reporting of information through efficient collection, analysis and reporting of data from the Centre teams.
Manage financial and stock control systems for the prevention and detection of fraud
Ensure compliance to MSI set standards and procedures/policies.

Field Enumerator - IDinsight in Uganda

Job Title: Field Enumerator (10 Vacancies)
Organisation: IDinsight
Duty Station:  Kampala, with regular travel throughout the Eastern Region,
Country Uganda

About IDinsight:
IDinsight is an international development consulting organization that helps policymakers and managers make socially impactful decisions using rigorous evaluation methodologies. The purpose of this position is to assist IDinsight with the administration and management of a survey-based evaluation, assessing the impact of the Solar Home System, an innovative new solar lighting system, on various outcomes such as energy consumption, income, student’s learning outcomes, and health.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
The scope and emphasis of the position responsibilities may change over time; new responsibilities may be added and existing ones dropped or modified as required.
1. Survey Administration:
Thoroughly understand and adhere to study protocol
Administer survey to study participants
Follow sampling protocol exactly

Information Communication Technology Manager - Hofokam Uganda

Job Title: Information Communication Technology Manager
Organisation: Hofokam
Duty Station: Head Office, Fort Portal,
Country Uganda
Reports to: General Manager

About Hofokam:
Hofokam is one of the largest microfinance institutions operating in western Uganda with a raise the average house hold income and of living of poor families in Uganda in order to growth, eventually contribute to national development.

Job Summary: The ICT Manager will give strategic leadership, management, support and operations in regards to ICT. He/she is supposed detailed monthly report to the General Manager on matters concerning Information management Systems (MIS) and performs other duties as assigned

Major Roles
1.      ICT Strategic Leadership:
Develop and maintain ICT Strategy, related to policies and standards in alignment with the corporate strategies
Prepare, review and monitor the ICT Annual Budget and Operating Plan to ensure effective implementation of the ICT Strategy
Give leadership to the ICT team and advise Developments and Policy Issues
2.     ICT Strategic Management:
Maintain an aggregated view of all significant ICT projects statuses and schedule for implementation support across the microfinance.
Work with ICT team to ensure Core MIS software, supportive hardware infrastructure and other applications are smoothly running.

Records Assistant - Uganda Development Corporation

Job Summary: Records Assistant
Organisation: Uganda Development Corporation (UDC)
Duty Station: Kampala,
Country Uganda
Reports to: Human Resource & Administration Manager

About UDC:
Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) is an investment institution established as a wholly owned government entity with the mandate to facilitate the industrial and economic development of Uganda. Established by the UDC Act Chapter 326 of 1952, Laws of Uganda, the mission of UDC is to make long-term investments in strategic sectors of the economy in order to stimulate industrial and economic development and thus spur private sector growth. This UDC will accomplish through investing in sectors of the economy which at times are not readily attractive to the private sector alone either due to high initial capital requirements, resource constraints or low returns in an immediate future and yet provide a strategic bridge that would foster private sector developments due to minimized risk.
Maintain computerized and manual records of the corporation;
Carry out the recording, indexing, filing, and retrieving of active documents and the storage of inactive documents; (i.e. in charge of the Central Registry)
Assist in reviewing and updating the Corporation’s working schedules and vital records, including working with outside agencies and staff to inventory records;