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Tuesday 9 April 2013


The Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) is a sector-wide approach adopted by the Government of Uganda in 1999 to improve the administration of justice, maintenance of law and order and strengthen the rule of law in Uganda. JLOS programmes are supported through the sector wide approach to planning, budgeting, programme implementation and monitoring & evaluation with a shift of focus from institutional interests to sector wide strategic interests through a rationalized application of resources from Government of Uganda and development partners. JLOS thus brings together all institutions charged with the administration of justice and maintenance of law and order.
JLOS is a reform programme run under a common investment plan, whose strategic objectives include strengthen­ing policy and regulatory frameworks, enhancing access to JLOS services and fostering a human rights culture and accountability, all in the context of the National Development Plan.
JLOS is overseen by the Leadership Committee, Steering Committee and Technical Committee with a Secretariat made up of different advisors who support the thematic areas of civil justice including land and family justice; crimi­nal justice; human rights and accountability and transitional justice. JLOS wishes to recruit one Advisor to provide support in the thematic area of Human Rights and Accountability and two Resource Persons in the areas of land and family justice to provide support in the broader thematic area of civil justice.

Description of the services:
The Resource Person Land Justice will provide technical support for the implementation of the land justice component of the Civil Justice programme area as follows:
Provide support for the development of researched strategies for effective implementation of the land justice reforms;
Assist in the development of action plans and budgets for the land justice reforms;
Provide technical support for the implementation of the land justice reforms;
Assist in the monitoring and evaluation of the land justice reform programmes;
Support the preparation of quarterly, semi-annual, annual and thematic reports on land justice; identify and provide researched briefs on constraints to the achievements of the land justice reforms to the relevant committees;
Provide technical support to the Advisor, Access to Justice – Civil in the overall implementation of the civil justice reform programme; resource the relevant sector committees and meetings; perform any other duties that may be assigned from time to time;
The successful candidate should have:-
A Master's degree in law from a recognized University or an honours degree in law and demonstrated long and relevant experience of not less than 5 years;
A good understanding of contemporary legal and justice reforms in developing countries;
A good understanding of land law and land justice reforms;
At least 3 years working experience in a legal environment or in programme implementation;
Good knowledge of the public sector planning processes and sector-wide approaches;
Experience working with donor agencies is an added advantage.
The successful candidate should have the following skills:
Proficiency in the use of standard computer software, including word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software;               - -
Excellent analytical skills
Excellent research, report writing and presentation skills;
Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and team centered environment;
Self-motivated, flexible and able to work under tight deadlines.
Terms and Conditions: The successful candidate will be offered a 3 year contract on competitive terms, tenable at the JLOS Secretariat. Salary: $ 2,640
Experience: 3
How to apply:
The successful candidate will be offered a 3 year contract on competitive terms, tenable at the JLOS Sec­retariat. Salary: $ 2,640 All applications should be address to:
The Solicitor General Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Queens Chambers, Plot 1 Parliament Avenue P.O. Box 7183, KAMPALA Hand delivered to Room No. 4.4 or email: jobs@jlos.go.ug The closing date for applications is 19th April 2013.