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Friday, 31 May 2013

Malaria Program Manager - Clinton Health Access in Kampala

Job Title:Malaria Program Manager

Job Location Uganda Type Full-Time Paid
Business Unit In-Country Operations
More information about this job:

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems in the developing world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. CHAI’s solution-oriented approach focuses on improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment; accelerating access to life-saving technologies; and helping governments build the capacity to provide high-quality treatment.

Since its establishment in 2002 by President William J. Clinton, CHAI has worked on the demand and supply sides of the market to help more than 2 million HIV+ people access treatment—representing nearly half of all people on HIV treatment in developing countries. Building on this model, CHAI has expanded its scope to include efforts to strengthen healthcare delivery systems and to combat malaria and childhood illnesses.

In 2007, CHAI signed an MOU with the government of Uganda to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and strengthen health systems. Since then, CHAI has worked hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health to increase access to lifesaving pediatric HIV treatment by >400%; coordinate with private sector suppliers to lower costs and expand access to malaria drugs; pilot a point-of-care diagnostic technology, leading to scale up to >250 health facilities nationwide; introduce a new severe malaria drug which will save thousands of lives annually; and many other initiatives. Currently, CHAI Uganda works with the Ministry of Health around HIV, malaria, childhood illnesses, laboratory systems and drug logistics.

The Malaria Program Manager will lead a team of 3-4 staff to design and implement programs to increase the number of people accessing malaria diagnosis and artemisinin-based drugs for malaria treatment. The Program Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the malaria portfolio, including strategy development, relationship management, and implementation. The Program Manger will oversee a portfolio that touches on all aspects of the health system and affects the health outcome of millions of patients, including:

Policy: Support the Ministry of Health to develop appropriate policies and strategies to improve access to malaria diagnosis and usage of effective treatment in the public and private sectors
Forecasting: Supporting the Ministry of Health to analyze current malaria drug and diagnostic usage, pipeline stock, and consumption trends in order to inform drug procurement and delivery schedules
Supply chain: Working with the government and partners to ensure that public sector facilities throughout Uganda regularly receive malaria diagnostics and antimalarial drugs, to ensure that patients have continual access to lifesaving treatment
Operational Research: Developing and implementing OR projects to improve patient treatment in health facilities and scaling effective interventions nationally
Capacity Building: Working with the Ministry of Health to strengthen systems and build capacity around the national malaria response

Oversee all aspects of CHAI’s malaria program including planning, budgeting, implementation, and reporting.
Set program direction and goals, defining targets and measuring program performance across the malaria program to establish aggressive operational program milestones and achieve program objectives within ambitious timelines.
Supervise the malaria team, comprised of 3-4 professional staff.
Identify bottlenecks which prevent patients from accessing malaria diagnosis and treatment and develop and implement innovative strategies to address them.
Identify and pursue new areas of work and partnerships that will have dramatic and leveraged impact on health outcomes.
Build and maintain strong working relationships with senior stakeholders in government, international partners, donors and NGOs, and ensure coordination of resources and efforts.
Work with Ministry of Health and partners to develop capacity and create sustainable systems to ensure ongoing access to malaria diagnosis and treatment nationwide.
Assist the Ministry of Health and partners in the development of policies and strategic plans to effectively deliver malaria diagnosis and treatment.
Design and implement monitoring and evaluation systems to measure impact and assess progress against project goals.
Develop reports for MOH, CHAI’s global teams and donors.
Maintain a thorough understanding of the malaria and overall health system throughout the country.
Other responsibilities, as needed.

Master’s Degree in business administration, logistics, public health or a related field, or equivalent job experience.
A minimum of 5 years of experience in a rigorous private or public position, with increasing levels of responsibility and leadership.
Exceptional communication and relationship management skills with ability to clearly communicate complex ideas.
Exceptionally strong quantitative skills, including fluency in Excel.
Ability to create compelling, logical presentations and reports, using PowerPoint, Word and other media.
Comfort and flexibility to work independently with a diverse set of counterparts. (Experience in a consultative capacity, especially in a multicultural setting, is an added advantage.)
Ability to navigate complex government processes and favorably influence decision-making in a professional and collaborative manner.
Ability to develop and execute a coherent programmatic strategy, amidst substantial ambiguity and changing circumstances.
Ability to manage, develop and motivate staff and lead as a team player, mentor, manager, and role model, demanding top performance from oneself and the entire team.
A strong passion for producing results and a personal commitment to excellence.
CHAI places great value on relevant personal qualities: resourcefulness, entrepreneurialism, flexibility, independence, humility, and work ethic.

Experience in a rigorous private sector environment, such as strategy consulting or finance.
Experience working in public health, particularly with a focus on malaria.

How to apply
Deadline: 26 /06 /2013