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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Teach Sign-Language - Kitega Community Centre in Kampala

 Job Title:Teach Sign-Language through Skype Video

Kitega Community Centre Uganda
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We are looking for online volunteers to teach our staff International Sign Language. We're seeking to learn skills that will enable us to teach primary-level school children, so volunteers should have a knowledge of primary level education topics. Volunteers must be able to commit to teaching for at least twice a week for eight months. Teaching will be done online through Skype Video. Each volunteer will be matched with one staff member.

We want a well-structured learning experience, so volunteers must be able to teach a sign-language curriculum with clear learning objectives so that both volunteers and staff can measure progress. (Volunteers can use an existing curriculum; they don't have to design one from scratch). Volunteers and staff members will collaborate through emails and Skype to come up with a list of skills that will meet the staff member's needs.
Number of volunteers: 3

Kitega Community Centre provides education, vocational training, and social services to disabled and disadvantaged children in Kitega, Uganda. Our 5-year Strategic Plan calls on us to extend our services to deaf children. However, our staff do not know sign language. So we want to begin building the capacity of our staff in sign language so we can reach out to deaf children in the community.

Objective: To increase staff capacity, specifically in sign language so that we can extend our programs and services to children with hearing impairments.
Region or country
Development topic
Integration of marginalized groups

Expert-level knowledge of International Sign Language
Sign-language teaching experience
Knowledge of primary-level education subjects (e.g., basic literacy, reading & writing, arithmetic)
Ability to commit to entire duration of volunteer assignment (at least twice a week, for 8 months)
Reliable access to Skype video
Areas of expertise
Social services
Languages English
Hours per week 6-10
Duration in weeks 32

How to apply
Deadline: 31 /06 /2013