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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Graduate Apprenticeship - Simba Group in Kampala

Job title: Graduate Apprenticeship

Simba Group is looking to hire a dynamic, intelligent and enthusiastic graduate with a passion to succeed in business in Uganda. No previous experience is required: this will be a fast-track apprenticeship in one of the country’s top businesses.

Simba Group is a large Ugandan group of businesses - its flagship company is Simba Telecom, as well as having successful businesses in the hospitality, media and power generation industries. Simba has an entrepreneurial philosophy and a very successful history of starting new businesses in different industries. We are looking for a clever, diligent talent to help grow, support and develop Simba Group’s latest start-up business.

The role will provide high-quality, fast-paced and intense training in all areas of business (management, strategy, marketing, finance, operations, etc). Your role will be supporting a new business currently being incubated by the Simba Group. Being a start-up, the new role will be involved in all types of activities which will provide a great grounding in the principles of business.Typical of a start-up, there is no room to be precious: the chosen candidate will be required to help with everything including less glamorous but still important things like making errands, photocopying, etc.
The role is in a small team who have significant experience of top-level business both in Uganda and abroad. Furthermore, you will be exposed to the wider business interests of Simba Group.
Our expectations for the role are high: we genuinely think the selected candidate will be a future leader in Ugandan business.
The ideal candidate should:
Be highly numerate – we need someone who has great mathematical ability, especially when it comes to thinking on the spot
Be logical–we require someone who will think about business in a logical way which will ensure they make the best business decisions
Have a strong desire to learn and succeed – we want someone who is always eager to gain more knowledge and wish to achieve
Be enthusiastic and personable - we want an energetic, go-getting personality which will fit in well with the team
Be flexible – we are looking for someone who is keen and able to move across all aspects of modern business and work hard on whatever is required, from the high-level strategic thinking to the day-to-day drudge work.
The applying candidate must have:
Graduated or currently in final year at a top university
Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) greater than 4.0 and excellent high school record
Bachelors Degree in Economics, Arts, Business, Computer Science, IT, Sciences or Engineering
Demonstrated strong leadership qualities whilst at university
This will be a completely meritocratic decision: we will simply choose the best candidate.

How to Apply
In order to apply, please submit your CV with a short (200 words maximum), typed cover letter on why you think you would be the ideal candidate for the job to careers@simbatelecom.com by Friday.

Deadline: 28th/06/2013