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Monday, 10 June 2013

Help rural girls stay in school Volunteers - EACO Uganda in Kampala

 Job Title:Help rural girls stay in school Volunteers

Advise on developing and fundraising for the project ‘Help rural girls stay in school’
Empower and Care Organisation

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The volunteer is needed to advice and share ideas on how to develop the self-supporting production of locally produced, environmentally-sound sanitary pads which, within 3 years, will provide a sustainable source of free pads for 3000 adolescent girls. This volunteer will also help to develop concept notes as well as sharing ideas on how to do fundraising.

It’s expected that the online volunteers will provide support to EACO for a period of 1year.
EACO will provide a dedicated staff member to provide support to the online volunteer to guide and give necessary information about our activity.
Number of volunteers: 1

EACO provides physical psychological and psycho social support to marginalized women, youth, and orphans. This project will keep girls in school which in turn will affect the entire community through training students to act as peer leaders about reproductive health, distribution of sanitary pads to girls in school and construction of girls only private latrines at school.

Keeping rural girls in school, inform them about their sexual health, and economically independent.
Region or country
Development topic

Have skills in fund raising and resource mobilization
Minimum education in economics and
Good communication skills
Skills in starting small scale business
Computer skills
How to apply

Deadline: 24/ 06 /2013