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Thursday 28 February 2013

Research potnetial donor- Soy Foundation in Kampala

 Research potnetial donors and help draft letters and correpondence, home-based (online volunteer)
Soy Foundation is seeking volunteers who can help research potential donors and help draft letters and correspondence to enable the organization mobilise resources to implement activities related to resettlement,livelihoods and rehabilitation of the destroyed environment.Please note that volunteers will not represent Soy Foundation to donors or submit funding requests on behalf of the organization but Soy Foundation will submit to donors.
The task will require one volunteer who will help research potential donors and help draft letters and correspondence.
Number of volunteers: 1
The Greater Ngenge Area has 70% Internally Displaced Persons and lowest literacy rates, with 5% literate population.Acess to education,health, water area and livelihoods is limited. The overall goal of the programme is support resettlement of IDPs, Land conflict management trainings for leaders,education, Vocation Skills to women&Youth, and rehabilitate the degraded environment.
The Volunteers contribution would enable Soy Foundation in Sebei region in Eastern Uganda mobilize resources to support Livelihoods,incomes and water for resettling internally displaced persons living in Kween,Kapchorwa and Bukwo Districts.
Region or country
Development topic
Crisis prevention and recovery
The minimum requirements are as follows:
- Experience and extensive researching skills
- Experience working/having worked with donors.
- Experience in helping organizations draft letters and correspondence.
-Good english and drafting skills;
Areas of expertise
Business and administration
How to apply
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