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Monday 29 April 2013

Information and Documentation Officer - LASPNET

Job title: Information and Documentation Officer

LASPNET is a national member-based NGO established in 2004 to provide strategic linkages and a collaboration framework for the Legal Aid Service Providers as well as maintain a common front to relevantly interface with various actors in the Justice, Law and Order Sector in Uganda.
It targets three critical aspects of coordination;
A collective role bringing together different legal aid service providers for solidarity in strategizing, sharing lessons and experiences, while minimizing duplication.
Capacitating them through collaborative research and analysis in order to link the international/regional developments on legal aid to national interventions.
Documenting, providing needed feedback, and amplifying voice on key issues regarding access to justice/legal aid at national level.
Employment type: Full time
Country: Uganda
Job category: IT/Software Development
Minimum degree: Bachelors degree
Closing date: May 3, 2013 - 5pm
LASPNET is searching for an individual able to:
- Network
- Perform Management and Evaluation
- Document
- Web design
ICT degree
Contact/How to apply:
Interested candidates send your CV and cover letter to:
The Finance and Administration Manager
email: secretariat@laspnet.org
or call: +256312513733