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Sunday 12 May 2013

Malaria Logistics Advisor - Uganda at Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

 Job Title: Malaria Logistics Advisor

Job Location   Uganda  Type   Full-Time Paid
Business Unit   In-Country Operations  
More information about this job:
About the Clinton Health Access Initiative:
The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to strengthening integrated health systems in the developing world and expanding access to care and treatment for HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. CHAI’s solution-oriented approach focuses on improving market dynamics for medicines and diagnostics; lowering prices for treatment; accelerating access to life-saving technologies; and helping governments build the capacity required for high-quality care and treatment programs.

Since its establishment in 2002 by President William J. Clinton, CHAI has worked on the demand and supply sides of the market to help more than 2 million HIV+ people access the medicines needed for treatment—representing nearly half of all people and 2 out of 3 children on HIV treatment in developing countries. Building on this model, CHAI has expanded its scope to include efforts to strengthen healthcare delivery systems and to combat malaria and childhood illnesses.

In 2007, CHAI signed an MOU with the government of Uganda to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and strengthen health systems. Since then, CHAI has worked hand-in-hand with the Ministry of Health to increase access to lifesaving pediatric HIV treatment by >400%; coordinate with private sector suppliers to lower costs and expand access to malaria drugs; pilot a point-of-care diagnostic technology leading to scale up to >250 health facilities nationwide; introduce a new severe malaria drug which will save thousands of lives annually; and many other initiatives. Currently, CHAI Uganda works with the Ministry of Health around HIV, malaria, childhood illnesses, laboratory systems and drug logistics.
The Malaria Logistics Advisor will be seconded to the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) of the Ministry of Health to provide technical assistance to enhance access to malaria commodities, including drugs, diagnostics and LLINs. The Advisor will seek to optimize Uganda’s mix of malaria commodities, enhance the supply chain, and provide support in procurement and forecasting analysis. The Advisor will also help the Ministry of Health develop the internal capacity required to strengthen the systems that deliver those commodities to facilities.

The Advisor must be a strategic thinker with the exceptional quantitative skills. The Advisor will be responsible for a wide variety of tasks, from quantitative analysis in Excel to enhancing communication between the National Medical Stores, Joint Medical Stores, Ministry of Health, and the National Drug Authority to ensure adequate drugs and diagnostics are available at every level of the supply chain. The Advisor will also spend time in the field, collecting data and supporting health facilities. The Advisor will become well versed in the costs, efficacy and side effects of diverse drugs, diagnostics and commodities. The Advisor must exhibit a passion for results and a commitment to excellence.

We place great value on the following qualities: flexibility, resourcefulness, responsibility, persistence, independence, energy, and work ethic. We seek a highly motivated individual with outstanding academic credentials and a strong record of achievement.

The Advisor will spend ~20% of his/her time travelling domestically, primarily to regions with limited facilities.

    Supporting the National Malaria Control Program of the Ministry of Health to improve their logistical capacity
    Ensuring adequate drugs, diagnostics and LLINs are available throughout the supply chain
    Building capacity among government staff and partners to sustainably manage malaria logistics
    Conducting analysis to inform drug and diagnostics orders, stock management and supply chain
    Collaborating with Ministry of Health colleagues and partners on logistical issues
    Developing and refining information management tools and developing innovative ways to expand access to malaria commodities
    Monitoring commodity shortages and expiries
    Making presentations and developing reports on malaria logistics
    Other responsibilities, as needed


    At least three years of work experience in a demanding, results-oriented supply chain, logistics, or similarly quantitative environment
    Excellent problem solving, analytical and quantitative skills, including fluency in Excel and PowerPoint
    Strong communications skills, both written and oral
    Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, set priorities, and work independently
    Ability to learn on the job quickly and absorb/synthesize a broad range of information
    Strong work ethic and flexibility

    Experience working in a similar quantitative analysis capacity
    Experience working with government or quasi-government entities
    Experience working in public health, particularly with a focus on malaria

How to Apply:

Deadline: 25th May 2013