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Saturday 5 October 2013

Capacity Development Advisor Job vacancy in Uganda at Pact

Job Title Capacity Development Advisor
Organisation: Pact
Country: Uganda
City: Kampala


Pact seeks a Capacity Development Advisor for a five year anticipated USAID-funded human rights and rule of law program in Uganda focused on preserving rule of law in order to improve democratic governance and accountability. Objectives include supporting an independent judiciary, fostering advocacy, and advancing the flow of information while focusing on organizational capacity development of local/regional partners. Capacity Development Advisor will be responsible for progressively building the capacity of local partners and CSOs through properly designed program approaches that can address appropriate opportunities. Successful applicants will be responsible for the quality of the design and delivery of the program’s capacity development activities and must ensure that such activities are implemented in compliance with all donor, Pact, and project-specific policies.


• Manage and oversee project design, implementation, and delivery for all capacity building-related activities targeted at capacity development of civil society organizations (CSOs), and local partners in areas such as civic participation and advocacy, peace building and governance, including the design and roll out of all capacity building approaches and tools.

• Provide lead technical direction/technical assistance in activity planning for capacity development components.

• Supervise and conduct organizational network analysis (ONA), Organizational Performance Index (OPI) with local NGOs and CSOs

• Develop training materials for specific areas/topics identified as needed for capacity development of CSOs and LNGO partners

• Supervise field testing new and improved technical methodologies, tools, and other products and services related to CD

• Provide oversight for the quality of the trainings designed and implemented by the CD Officers

• Supervise and mentor Technical Quality Advisors

• Take lead in program monitoring, evaluating, and periodic reporting related to capacity building

• Coordinate with appropriate stakeholders in all aspects of project planning, monitoring, and implementation for all capacity building activities under the program

• Work closely with selected local partners to ensure adequate capacity is built in various areas of the program

• Support networking and information sharing between CSOs and government actors, including the state and regional authorities and local officials from line ministries.

• Contribute to the development of annual workplans, performance monitoring systems and tools, and writing of progress, quarterly and final program reports.

• Propose and oversee administrative and logistical aspects related to capacity development activities.

• Remain up-to-date with latest methodologies, best practices, and donor requirements and ensure that the project CD results are consistent with the best practices of the industry

• Identify additional internal and external resources for capacity development

• Actively participate in Pact’s OD community of practice, including contributing materials, and responding to requests for information.

• Represent and serve as a liaison of Pact in Uganda in its CD-related work at conferences, agencies including government and donors, meetings and other fora as necessary.

• Perform other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS Education and Experience Requirements:

• Master degree in health or social sciences, or a related advanced degree relevant to community development.

• A minimum of 7 years related experience in implementing technical and organizational capacity building programs.

• Substantial demonstrated experience in building the capacity of CSOs and LNGOs.

• Proactive and diplomatic dealing skills, as well as representational skills for working with local government agencies required.

• Proficiency with activities, theories, methods and technology in capacity building field.

• Demonstrated flexibility, adaptability and the ability to perform and collaborate under challenging conditions.

• Ability to train and develop capacity in regional and country-level staff.

• Strong planning, community mobilization and inter-cultural communication skills required.

• Proficiency in English is required; proficiency in local languages such as Kayan and Karen is a plus.

• Experience working on other US Government-funded projects pertaining to technical and organization capacity development is a plus.

How to apply:
To apply for this position, please visit our website at www.pactworld.org