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Friday 4 October 2013

Chief Executive Officer jobs opportunity in Uganda at Afrimax Uganda Limited

Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
Organization:  Afrimax Uganda Limited
City Kampala
Country Uganda
Reports to: Board of Directors

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Administrative Responsibilities:
Responsible for administrative operations of the company, the delegation of responsibility within the organization and the establishment of formal means of accountability.
Ultimately responsible for the effective delivery of high quality services
Takes responsibility for the operation of appropriate project and business development activities
Responsibility for the financial integrity of the business
Takes responsibility that all contract issues are managed efficiently and effectively in accordance with policies of the board of directors

Establishes and maintains a quality improvement process for the company, including the periodic assessment of customer satisfaction.
Ensures that all financial transactions are conducted in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards, prudent judgment and within the framework of the requirements of local, state and federal laws.
Exercises prudent judgment in independent expenditures of the portion of the annual capital budget so authorized by the board of directors.
Require accurate and timely reporting to meet all State and local laws and regulations.
Requires an annual audit, with appropriate actions taken that are consistent with the findings.
Requires the development, maintenance and timely updating of operational procedures manuals as appropriate.
Manages to ensure that effective communication is maintained within the organization.
Designates a member of the staff to serve as acting executive in the absence of General Manager.
Responsible for keeping the Board and staff abreast of legislation, regulations or any other actions that might have an important effect of the business operations and for making recommendations for appropriated action.
Ensures that safety of all employees, guests, visitors and others is adequately addressed and protected.
2. Personnel Management:
Mandates an effective personnel system to support hiring, promoting, rewarding, disciplining and terminating employees in accordance with established policies and consistent procedures.
Is responsible for the effective operation of the company Staff, ensuring the staff’s development is in accordance with policies of the Company.
Maintains an effective working relationship with all employees and members of the board of directors.
Requires a system for the productive performance of all personnel through appropriate forms of employee professional development, the maintenance of written descriptions of all positions and the effective application of an employee appraisal system be in service at all times
Takes responsibility for the equitable application of personnel policies and procedure
Demonstrates the importance of continuing professional development by engaging in formal and informal means of continuing professional education.
Maintains and periodically updates a systematic wage and salary plan.
3. Organizational Responsibilities:
Periodically assesses business activities, organizational structure and staffing.
Implements change as appropriate, or depending on the negotiated designation of authority from the board of director, recommends such change for board approval.
4. Planning Responsibilities:
Responsible for formulating and presenting work plans and budget recommendations, for annual board approval.
Is an active participant in the annual review, of the capital budget.
Responsible for the periodic review and updating of short and long term strategic plans aimed at achieving the mission and goals of the Company.
Facilitates the periodic review of the corporate policies and makes recommendations for change as appropriate, to the board of directors.
5. Marketing & Public Relations:
Ensure that public relations are well organized, and conducted in a cost effective manner.
Responsible for the effective representation of the company at public, civic and other organizational activities and meetings, as appropriate.
Serves as the representative of the Board in all matters, except in cases where the Board has specifically authorized another individual to a specific area of their focus or concern.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
The applicant should hold a relevant degree, ideally with an MBA or equivalent qualification
Good understanding of marketing, finance, with good team management skill.
Significant experience of 6 - 8 years in progressively responsible top level management position within telecommunications.

How to Apply:
Please follow the instructions as stated below as failure to do so could lead to disqualification.
Write an Application letter and CV/Resume.
Merge these two documents into one document in either word or PDF format.
Do not attach or send any scanned documents. These are sometimes too large for our inbox.
Send your application, please click "Apply to Position"
Only successful candidates will be contacted. For all other inquiries please contact our offices directly.