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Sunday 27 October 2013

East Africa Coordinator Job in Uganda - Young Peacebuilders Initiative

Job title: Young Peacebuilders Initiative
Country: Uganda
City Kampala
Job category: NGO/Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
Required IT skills: MS Office (in general)Strategic Management
Closing date: November 7, 2013

What YPI Does
YPI develops collective impact initiatives nurturing peacebuilding passion and skill in large numbers of children/youth in contexts impacted by or at high risk of armed conflict and having very large child/youth populations. These partnerships also research the peacebuilding impact of their efforts. In this way YPI helps prevent and end cycles of violence. YPI began operation in 2012 and now has partnerships operating in Rwanda and Burundi.
YPI Objectives
GROWING YPI Working Partnerships in High-Risk Contexts: We will support local leaders and trained facilitators to expand and sustain working partnerships between religious groups, organizations, governments, departments of education and others to equip large numbers of children with peacebuilding passion and skills.
BUILDING A Toolbox of YPI Training Resources: Through these working partnerships we will develop a variety of peacebuilding and citizenship training tools for children of different ages.
EQUIPPING Local Universities to Measure and Increase Impact Through YPI Research: YPI aims to produce world-class longitudinal research verifying the effectiveness of child/youth peacebuilding in multiple high-risk contexts and promote research widely through a partnership of highly reputable academics and institutions.

EMPOWERING Others to Develop YP Working Partnerships in New Contexts: Documenting experiences and research to help others expand this transformative process in new contexts.
Breakthrough Partners Mission and Vision
YPI operates as part of Breakthrough Partners. Breakthrough Partners exists to maximize the power of collaborative leaders to bring impoverished communities to self-sustainability, who in turn lead other communities, thereby transforming entire societies and nations to the glory of God!

Position Summary
Supported by the YPI Director, the YPI East Africa Coordinator is responsible for managing, supporting and expanding YPI work in East Africa while maintaining the vision, mission, values and overall strategy of YPI. The YPI East Africa Coordinator is responsible for the timely advancement of YPI Africa objectives within budget, including, ensuring measurement of YPI Africa impact with the support of an international YPI Academic Advisory Team.
Position Objectives
The YPI East Africa Coordinator will achieve the following objectives, and take on the following responsibilities, with support and guidance from the YPI Director.
1. Manage, strengthen, expand and build sustainability into YPI partnerships in Rwanda and Burundi.
2. Launch a YPI partnership in at least one new East African context within 24 months.
3. Focusing on building local YPI capacity, grow sustainable funding for expanding YPI Africa.
Maintain regular written and oral reporting to YPI Director on key issues.
Explore New Contexts for YPI Partnerships
Discover who is doing what, where and with whom, related to engaging young peacebuilders.
Identify key stakeholders from different sectors of society who believe in the YPI vision and will become champions to help make it a reality. Include NGO, FBO, CBO, religious, government and education leaders, and leaders at federal, state, and local levels.
Able to communicate with a respected university about the need to develop a YPI Research Institute that will support YPI research and measure YPI success.
Support the Formation of New YPI Partnerships
Identify a small group of leaders who will gather a broader group of cross sector stakeholders and walk them through a YPI formation process.
Help them clarify and commit to the YPI vision in their context.
Help them identify obstacles to achieving that vision.
Help them agree on opportunities to overcome obstacles and develop a strategy and prioritized action plan for achieving the YPI vision in their context.
Help them develop a committed YPI leadership team.
Help identify, resource and support a committed and qualified YPI Facilitator in each YPI context.
Strengthen, Expand and Build Sustainability into Operating YPI Partnerships
Ensure leadership teams of each YPI in Africa put their prioritized strategy and plan into action with a process for continuous progression.
Ensure each YPI in Africa develops mechanisms for consistent quality communication.
Strengthen, coach and encourage each YPI leadership team in Africa by helping them identify and obtain what is necessary to achieve their YPI objectives.
Help continually develop the skills of each YPI Facilitator in Africa.
Help develop and manage YPI Research Institutes in each African context in partnership with the context’s YPI leadership team, and YPI Director and YPI Academic Advisor Team.
Advise on child/youth peacebuilding projects, principles and practices that increase likelihood of success.
Grow Sustainable Funding For Expanding YPI Africa
Identify, cultivate relationships with, pursue and acquire funding from new donors to support YPI’s work in Africa.
Nurture sustainability of each YPI in East Africa by helping direct them toward potential funding opportunities.
Manage YPI East Africa grants and budgets, ensuring timely reporting and contract and donor guideline compliance.
Minimum Qualifications
Bachelors degree in related field
Proven ability to build collaborative partnerships and negotiate multiple relationships with various partners
Demonstrated budgeting, proposal writing, grants acquisition and management skills
At least five (5) years of experience in peace-building, development and/or related fields, including democracy and governance issues such as civil society strengthening
Dynamic entrepreneurial leader with creative problem-solving skills, particularly in challenging situations
Excellent interpersonal and networking skills, as well as the ability to build and conduct effective professional working relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
Demonstrated financial management and program administration experience
Strong oral and written communications skills
Cultural sensitivity and adaptability
Experience working in conflict-affected contexts
Some research experience, preferably designing and implementing qualitative social research with children
More Information
On YPI: www.YoungPeacebuilders.net and www.facebook.com/youngpeacebuildersinitiative
On Dr McGill: www.breakthroughpartners.org/who-we-are/leadership/michael-mcgill.aspx
On the YPI exploration, formation and operation process:

How to apply:
Send CVs and application letters to stationsconsulting@gmail.com