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Monday 21 October 2013

Loan Officers Job in Uganda at Frank Management Consult Limited

Job Title:  Loan Officers
Organization: Frank Management Consult Limited
Location  Kampala, Uganda

Job Summary: The Loans Officers will:
To contribute to the profitability of the branch by effectively achieving set sales targets through actively and proactively identifying sales opportunities;
To keep the portfolio at risk at the acceptable minimum through actively following up on all clients for timely repayments;
To proactively and continuously deliver service excellence.

1. Production
To manage own sales production performance and implementing corrective actions to achieve target objectives;
Proactively driving sales through a combination of advertising, customer referrals and viral marketing (word of mouth).
Ensure that you contribute to the profitability of the branch by meeting individual sales targets set by management;
Effectively achieving set sales targets by actively and proactively identifying of opportunities;
Attend the daily planning and review meetings.
2. Other Key Performance Areas are:
Marketing of loans
Loan appraisals
Portfolio management
Administration of loans
Customer relationship management
Maintaining an excellent corporate image

The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree in a related field will be preferred
Computer Literacy skills

Skills and Experience:
Two (2) years sales and marketing experience
Experience in a financial institution a must
How to Apply:
If you meet the above minimum requirement, urgently email your to
Frank Management Consult Limited
Nyaku House, 1st Floor, Kampala, Uganda
Please send via Email to: info@frank-mgt.com and also copy  Hresourcefrank@yahoo.com