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Saturday, 2 February 2013


Job Title: Technical Advisor, District Medicines Management

REPORTS TO: District Pharmaceutical Strengthening Specialist



The Technical Advisor, District Medicines Management will work with relevant SURE staff, District staff, MOH staff and contractors to ensure effective implementation of SPARS in the new SURE districts, timely roll out of PFM in all program supported districts and smooth transportation and delivery of 2,465 shelving units to about 1,540 health facilities. S/he will coordinate supervision activities in the new districts to ensure that districts, sub-districts and facilities are able to adopt positive practices towards supply chain including the procurement, storage and distribution of essential medicines and supplies necessary for the basic health package thus assuring continuous availability of related commodities.


1. Work closely with the District Pharmaceutical Strengthening Specialist to develop and implement plan to roll out SPARS for Medicines Management in the 14 New SURE districts

2. In collaboration with Training officer develop and implement program for training Medicines Management Supervisors (MMS) in EMHS management, PFM, motorcycle riding and M and E

3. Work closely with SURE regional field coordinators to support District Medicines Management Supervisors carry out implementation of PFM in Hospitals and HCIV in all program supported districts

4. In conjunction with the district computerization team develop and implement plan to train MMS in computer use and put in place a system for automated collection, analysis and reporting of SPARS data (SCM and PFM)

5. In collaboration with regional field coordinators design and implement a system to monitor and ensure effective and efficient implementation of SPARS in the 14 New SURE districts

6. Work with regional field coordinators and HQ staff to ensure successful implementation of the GPP and GFP accreditation in the 14 new districts

7. Develop action plan to ensure problem free transport and delivery of the shelving units to the health facility recipients.

8. Communicate and coordinate with all relevant parties (shelves supplier, in-country shelves transporter, SURE staff, USAID and government [national, district, sub district and health facility], etc.) for final delivery of shelves to health facilities.

9. Plan and coordinate a “shelving launch day” in at least one district in each of the five SURE regions.

10. Ensure that USAID rules and regulations are followed in regard to branding and marking and inventory of the shelving units.

11. Ensure that all shelves are properly tracked and inventoried at all times starting from point of entry into Uganda and that a clear and appropriate paper trail exists for their initial reception from the shelves supplier in each of the five regions up to final delivery and reception at each and every health facility.

12. Any other duties assigned by the supervisors


1. Professional degree in a health area; including pharmacy, medicine, public health; pharmacist preferred.

2. Work experience in providing pharmaceutical management services especially in the area of supply chain of not less than 3 years

3. Comprehensive understanding of the Uganda public health system.

4. Demonstrated ability to collaborate with other stakeholders in developing creative and solutions to achieve common goals.

5. Proven technical and interpersonal skills to collaborate effectively in writing and in person with professional colleagues in a broad range of governmental organizations and within the SURE project.

6. Demonstrated computer skills in MS Office Suite applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

7. Fluency in oral and written English required.

How to apply

All applications should be addressed to:

The Human Resources Partner – MSH, Plot 15 Princess Ann Drive Bugolobi, P O Box 71419, Kampala Email: HRUG@msh.org.

Deadline for submission: February 8, 2013.