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Friday, 31 May 2013

Strategic Action Plan - Commonwealth Secretariat Uganda in Kampala

Job Title:Strategic Action Plan to Implement the Electronic Single Window in Uganda

Reference: PXUGA0683
Location: Uganda
Duration: 80 person days / 16 person weeks

The Commonwealth Secretariat has been approached by the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives for technical assistance to develop a framework to establish an Electronic Single Window (ESW) for trade facilitation. The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives is the main national focal point for trade facilitation in Uganda.

Uganda is a landlocked country whose development depends on transit solutions in neighbouring countries in order to access gateways to international markets.

According to data collected by Doing Business, exporting a standard container of goods requires seven documents, takes 37 days and costs $2880. Importing the same container of goods requires nine documents, takes 34 days and costs $3015. Globally, Uganda stands at 158 in the ranking of 183 economies on ease of trading across borders.

Key trade facilitation issues of concern include both at-the-border and behind-the-border processes. At-the-border measures include customs and trade documents, customs clearance procedures, border control and release of goods. Behind-the-border measures include product standards and conformity assessment measures, e-commerce, trade finance and transport and marketing logistics services.

This intervention will focus on addressing issues relating to the implementation of an electronic single window in support of establishing appropriate mechanisms to enable Uganda to participate effectively in the global trading system. As a result of this intervention, Uganda will be able to establish an efficient environment for the exchange and processing of trade-related documentation, and subsequently reduce time and cost for clearing and moving consignments by simplifying many of the steps involved in international trade systems.

Purpose of the project

The overall purpose of this project is to enhance the trade competitiveness of Uganda through improvements to its trade logistics systems and processes.

The main objective of the project is to develop a framework on establishing an Electronic Single Window for trade facilitation in Uganda. This will be done by assessing current procedures and information systems for international trade and developing an effective plan to implement electronic single window in Uganda. The intended output of the project will be in the form of an action plan, which will include recommendations for short, medium and long term strategies. These recommendations will aim to support Uganda in its efforts to implement electronic single window system to facilitate trade.

Scope of work

The consultant(s) will work closely with the Project Manager from the Special Advisory Services Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat and, using internationally acknowledged methodology, will perform the following tasks:

Mapping of trade related procedures- review and analyze current documentation, processing and clearance process Identification of ICT strategies necessary to establish an ESW Assessment of the e-readiness for establishing ESW Identification of legal and regulatory functions necessary to operate an ESW Recommendations on short, medium and long term strategies that should be put in place to establish an electronic single window for trade facilitation Conduct two stakeholder consultation workshops Preparation of detailed action plan, budget and strategy for implementation of a single window system Identification of key reforms necessary to implement an ESW

Framework to establish an Electronic Single Window for trade facilitation in Uganda Short, medium and long term strategies required to establish an electronic single window for trade facilitation Action plan, budget and strategy for implementation of a single window system
Expected project outcomes

Improved service levels from Government trade related agencies in the trade logistics supply chain Introduction of simplified and harmonized customs procedures Development of a successful business model to implement Single Electronic Window Reduction in bureaucracy and business facilitation delays
Key performance indicators

* All project deliverables produced within budget and schedules * Interim Outputs and final reports accepted by the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives and the other key stakeholders
Duration and project budget

The duration of this consultancy is expected to be 16 person weeks. The proposed project budget is an all-inclusive fee of £44,400.00 (includes fees, subsistence allowance, air travel expenses, applicable taxes including VAT, incidentals and any other project related costs).

Required expertise

Proven international expertise and minimum of 5 years’ experience in Trade Facilitation, Logistics and Customs 5 years proven international experience of conducting projects of similar nature Post graduate qualifications in transport economics, economics systems design and analysis, public policy, international business and law are desirable Excellent communication skills are essential, as is the ability to interface effectively at all levels
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