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Friday, 31 May 2013

Writing proposals and searching potential donors - Mmanze Centre Uganda in Kampala

Job Title:Writing proposals and searching potential donors towards the construction of students dormitories / staff quarters
Mmanze Centre for Rural Development and Training

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Volunteers will write proposals and search potential donors online,however,they will not solicit donations from donors.
towards the construction of the proposed facilities Mmanze community secondary school, where the students 850 have no accommodation at school and the 50 teachers, 20 non teaching staff have no staff quarters within the school premises. This makes it very difficult for the workers to deliver effectively. Students are affected by walking long distances to and from school.

The task is expected to be completed within a period of sixty days.The organization will provide the volunteers with all the necessary information needed for the designing and drafting the proposals.We shall communicate with the volunteers at least three times a week.Should there be need we shall also communicate through other channels like telephone calls and chatting.
Number of volunteers: 10

Education and infrastructure development are some of the priority programs of our organization.It is therefore against that background that we need to construct students dormitories and staff quarters so that we can improve the standards and conditions of education within our area of operation.

To improve the living conditions of the teachers ,students and non teaching staff for about 850 students,50 teachers and 20 non teaching staff at MMANZE COMMUNITY SECONDARY SCHOOL BY THE END OF 2013.
To increase the academic performance of the 850 students by the end of 2013.
To improve the performance of 50 teachers and 20 non teaching staff by the end of 2013.
To increase the time for learning and teaching for both teachers / students at mmanze community secondary school by the end of 2013
Region or country
Development topic
Volunteers should have skills ,knowledge and experience in proposal writing,project planning and management and searching potential project funders especially projects related to construction.
Areas of expertise
Business and administration
Languages English
Hours per week 6-10
Duration in weeks 8
How to apply
Deadline: 26/06 /2013