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Saturday 5 October 2013

Consultant, LMG jobs opportunity in Uganda at Management Sciences for Health

Job Title Consultant, LMG

Organization Management Sciences for Health
City Kampala
Country Uganda

A: Main Objective:
To independently review JCRC’s information and communication technology (ICT) management needs and solutions which have been recently recommended to the organization. The SOW will include review of existing capacity, latest systemic gaps, and proposed solution specifications.

B: Context and Background:

The Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991 to address the challenges of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. JCRC is one of the largest antiretroviral therapy (ART) centers in Uganda, and currently the most advanced reference laboratory for other HIV/AIDS partners in the country with capacity to do sophisticated tests required for ART monitoring and detection of resistance to antiretroviral (ARV) drugs. JCRC pioneered the use of antiretroviral therapy in Sub Saharan Africa as early as 1992 when it conducted the first ARV therapy trial in Africa aimed at determining the safe and effective use of Zidovudine, a new drug by at the time.

Over the years, JCRC has demonstrated significant technical capacity in the provision of high quality and advanced HIV/AIDS services to Ugandans. At the same time, the organization has seen significant expansions in its scope and mandate in the provision of advance laboratory services. Currently, JCRC runs more than 40 research projects in addition to the USAID funded THALAS project and a multi-donor funded HIV/AIDS care and prevention project funded through the Civil Society Fund.

However, the quick growth of JCRC HIV/AIDS service delivery and clinical research programs were not adequately matched by parallel growth in the area of financial management, leadership and governance, and overall information system management. Therefore, in March 2013, USAID requested MSH Leadership, Management and Governance project to provide capacity building support to JCRC. One of the key goals of the support is to assist JCRC to comprehensively review the overall information management system (MIS) with the ultimate goal to help strengthen finance information management system (FIMIS) as well as lab and clinical information management systems.

In order to accomplish this goal MSH/LMG, through the services of an independent consultant, seeks to review present overall information management systems (including data back up and improvement in other areas of ICT) and recommend the long term system improvements which will allow JCRC to become more effective and efficient organization.

In summary, MSH/LMG plans to:

Conduct a comprehensive overall Information Management system review (including institutional information and communication technology (ICT) needs for the organization, as well as improvements needed in financial, lab and data management systems).

Prepare a report identifying key MIS related needs for the organization to function effectively, and recommend how these gaps could be filled. For example, the assessment should consider the integration of accounting systems with other areas such as budget, procurement, inventory, human resources, laboratory and clinical systems. But at the same time, data backup system need to be observed, and guidance for lab and clinical data management is also necessary.

Specific Activities:

Review key relevant background documents (established user requirements, relevant policies and procedures, previous independent assessments and recommendations).

Observe and assess capacity of the existing information management systems in place at JCRC.

Define the key relevant characteristics of the organization affecting or susceptible of affecting the specifications of the ICT system.

Clarify as needed JCRC’s leadership expectations vis-à-vis the services to be rendered by the ICT system and its performance.

Assess technical capacity of JCRC personnel using or expected to use the organization’s financial information, Lab information and Clinic data management systems.

Based on the organization’s needs and capacity of staff revise as appropriate the specifications of the financial management, Lab information and Clinic data management systems which would be helpful at JCRC.

Prepare a report with specific recommendations how to meet JCRC’s ICT needs and the timeline for procurement and implementation.

Present the draft review report to JCRC and MSH for comments and or inputs.

Incorporate JCRC and MSH inputs as appropriate and develop the final review report.

C: Methodology

The consultant will work hand in hand with the LMG/MSH team and actively engage JCRC’s relevant personnel and other stakeholders. More specifically, the consultant will review the previously completed ICT assessment reports, recommendations for system procurements, JCRC’s organizational set up and other supporting documents. This individual will also use as necessary site visits, interviews, and other type of meetings like focus sessions to collect necessary information to complete this assessment.

D: Duration for the Assignment:

SN Activities No. of Days


Review key relevant background documents (latest user requirements for different information management systems, overall MIS policies and procedures guiding the organization in this area, latest relevant ICT evaluation reports, etc.).

Attend initial meetings to agree on the interpretation of scope of work and approach for this exercise.



Review, Observe and assess the organizational readiness for the organizational change in MIS area, existing systems and staff capacity.

Interview key staff to learn firsthand about existing systems and tools, policies and procedures and understand needs and expectations.

Learn more about what other similar institutions and NGOs are utilizing in Uganda and in international arena.


Analysis and Report Production

Based on in-depth analysis prepare preliminary report with recommendations regarding improvements needed for ICT, including detailed recommendations for financial management, Lab information and Clinic data management systems’ improvements and the timeline for procurement and implementation.

Provide feedback and recommended changes to overall MIS policies and procedures to be implemented across the organization and especially address the need to institute a system of regular offsite backup of all system information.

Discuss the preliminary recommendations with JCRC and MSH.

Report on analysis and recommendations defining final system (software and hardware) MIS solution with particular focus on financial management, lab data management and clinical information management systems, including support to installation, integration, configuration, maintenance and training of concerned JCRC personnel.

How to apply:
To apply, please email: jgolden@msh.org.