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Friday, 30 August 2013

The Kenya Ophthalmic Programme (KOP) Strategic Evaluators

Sightsavers is looking for external evaluators to conduct a strategic evaluation of its Kenya Ophthalmic Programme (KOP) and is calling for an expression of interest to undertake the evaluation.

The KOP started in the 1960’s and has undergone various transformation stages. An internal review of the program undertaken in 2008 recommended a change in approach paving way for a new program design covering the period 2009-2013. This phase of the KOP was funded to the tune of £249,374.69 and commenced operations in July 2009. The projects main target group is people suffering from any form of eye ailment in 2 select regions in Kenya. KOP’s goal is to demonstrate an effective district eye-health approach that is well-aligned into the health systems

The KOP was designed as a demonstration project for quality service delivery for various eye-ailments. This evaluation is therefore intended to draw what, if anything, has worked/not work in the demonstration. The evaluators will be guided by specific evaluation questions from the Sightsavers Program Evaluation Criteria, to which the evaluator(s)/team is expected to conform.

The evaluation is expected to take place between: October 2013 and November 2013, with field work/data collection commencing no later than 4 November. The final report should be available no later than 29 November 2013.

The lead evaluator should have as a minimum the following core competencies: an advanced degree in public health coupled with at least 5 years of practical experience, possess demonstrable skills in Strategic Planning, Project Design & Management including Monitoring and Evaluation. In addition, the lead consultant should be well-versed with institutional and project delivery assessment, organisational development and capacity building.

Comprehensive understanding of public health policy (national and global) and demonstrate good understanding of health systems strengthening and financing in developing countries will be an advantage. He/she should have practical experience of conducting medium to large scale evaluations.

The lead evaluator and/or his/her team will work closely with an evaluation working group whose role will include validation of strategic information, issuing of relevant directives or endorsement of necessary proposals during the course of the exercise and coordination of local logistics.

How to apply:
For full terms of reference and to express your interest to undertake this assignment please visit www.sightsavers.org/vacancies