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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Country Representative and Project Manager - CESVI - Cooperazione e Sviluppo Onlus

Job Title Country Representative and Project Manager
 Recruiter CESVI - Cooperazione e Sviluppo Onlus
Country Uganda
Closing date: 07 Nov 2013


4/5 years experience in foreign countries

Strong experience with NGO procedures, approaches, and operations

Good knowledge of procurement procedures of different donors and in particular of EU

Excellent abilities in dealing with donors for presentation and negotiation of project proposals.

Proven experience in projects writing (from assessment to final presentation)

Good communication skills with ability to work closely with CESVI local staff, beneficiaries and partners

Detail oriented, highly flexible and strong organizational and leadership skills

Excellent problem-solving and analytical skills

Good skills in staff management

Strong computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel, accounting software

Fluency in English (spoken and written)


Prior experience in Uganda highly desirable


Cesvi operates in the Pader (Kalongo) and Lango areas.

Sector activities include: water and rural development with the construction and rehabilitation of wells; protection and management of water resources; construction of latrines; distribution of seeds and farm tools; agricultural training.


The collaboration will start by 15th of November 2013.

The main duty station will be Kampala with willingness to move within the project area. The person will respond to the HQs Desk Officer.

Main tasks and duties:

-Be responsible of the overall project management and implementation.

-Personally attend all activities related to project management, including administration, accounting, procurement (in accordance with CESVI rules and regulations), staffing and reporting;

-Manage liaisons with the different Donors at local level and all concerned authorities at Provincial and National level;

-Produce planning documents, including related financial provisions under the supervision of the Desk Officer at Headquarters level;

-Produce periodic official reports according to project deadlines and donor-related requests, to be submitted to the Desk Officer for editing and final approval;

-Ensure the elaboration of monthly internal report to be submitted to the Desk Officer on achievements, projects, problems encountered, pertinent developments, and strategic needs;

-Supervise all project activities, guaranteeing a constant support to all project stakeholders;

-Guarantee clear documentation of all project activities, through reports and other visibility tools, as required and agreed upon with CESVI headquarters;

-Be involved in visibility actions taken by CESVI headquarters in order to promote in-Country activities and to raise funds accordingly;

-Attend meetings with UN Agencies representatives, local and international NGOs officers, private sector and civil society representatives, whenever required;

-Be constantly involved in the development of new project proposals for private and public donors, according to CESVI Country strategy;

-Report to the Desk Officer at HQs level, through e-mails, other mailing, telephone calls and periodic reports, as required;

-Carry out briefing and de-briefing with the Desk Officer at the beginning and at the end of his/her assignment;

-Attend a compulsory training at the beginning of his/her assignment at Headquarters level.

How to apply:
To apply please visit: http://www.cesvi.org/49_2013-cr-uga