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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Traceability and Mapping System (TMS) assistant - People Performance Group

Job title: Traceability and Mapping System (TMS) assistant

Employment type: Full time
Country: Uganda
City / Location: Iganga
Minimum degree: Bachelors degree
Closing date: August 9, 2013 - 5pm
The Traceability and Mapping System (TMS) assistant will be based at the project headquarters of a leading multinational coffee exporter’s Sustainable coffee program in Iganga. Reporting to the Regional Geo-Traceability Manager (East Africa) hereafter referred to as Project Manager. The TMS Operator shall perform the following tasks and responsibilities:
1. Assist in the management of all field data as submitted by Geo-Mappers upon Garmin download, characterization, farmers consent and summary forms.
2. Upload and validate field data into the TMS software in consultation with the TMS Operator ready for uploading into the TMS Web platform.
3. Create and generate polygons from way points as submitted by the field Geo-Mappers. In addition ensure the field description data collates with the polygons and farmers TMS list.
4. Analyze and validate field data as submitted by individual Geo-Mapper and make any recommendations or remedial actions to the Project Manager.
5. Ensure proper maintenance, storage and usage of all the Geo-Mapping and traceability equipment and software to ensure no damage or loss of the equipment and software.
6. Manage and update the entire Geo-Mapping and Traceability equipment database to ensure validity at all times and report any losses/damages to the Project Manager promptly.
7. Ensure proper storage of field data in both soft and hard copies with appropriate backups. In addition ensure that proper filing of characterization, consent and summary forms for ease of reference whenever need arises.
8. Analyze and validate data submitted and routinely update the Project Manager on quality and quantity mapped against the set targets to facilitate an efficient Monitoring and Evaluation process.
9. Take routine stock of all Geo-Mapping stationeries and make prompt requisitions to the Project Manager to ensure smooth field data collection.
10. Facilitate trainings and backups on the Geo-Mapping and Traceability process whenever called upon by the Project Manager.
11. Routinely update the CMS Website in consultation with the company Managing Director to ensure accuracy and timely availability of information.
12. Ensure confidentiality on all operational matters relating to the assignment which may come to the TMS Operator’s knowledge in the course of employment shall not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent of the employer.
13. Any other duties or responsibilities as may be assigned by the Project and company Managing Director.
14. Will take part in the mapping of farmers as a key member of the field team.
1. Proficient in IT/Computer Skills
2. Fast learning
3. Able to work both independently and within a team.

Contact/How to apply:
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